Greetings from glo carts your #1 vape shop, due to the number of questions we get on a daily from clients on how to order and pay, we decided to create this content that will guide you successfully in completing your order.
We ship Worldwide.

Note: We Have a minimum order amount of $150.00. Make sure your cart is filled to the minimum order amount or else you won’t be able to checkout.

The reason for the minimum order amount is that shipping THC products to many states and countries is illegal and the discreet shipping of packages is also expensive, so to balance the whole process we require a minimum order amount that makes it possible to handle the cost of discreet shipping for all orders.

Navigate to the shop page, add the number of products to the cart you wish to buy, View your cart and proceed to checkout.

Choose your mode of payment to confirm your order and an agent will send you the details for the payment a few minutes after you order. Always make sure you wait for an agent to provide you with details before sending your payment.

1-How to Order/Pay with Paypal:

Due to the nature of our business and coupled with the fact that THC is illegal in some states, we accept Paypal payments via the

friends and family option only on Paypal. Those who are already Paypal users will understand. Those who are using Paypal for the first time just have to follow the steps below.

Make the payment to our Paypal email below and If the payment is successful, take a screenshot of the payment receipt and email it back to our official email ( with your order number for instant confirmation.

Note: Payments not under the friends and family option on Paypal will be refunded and orders placed on hold.

How do I use PayPal for friends and family?

1. log in to your PayPal account.

2. Click Send & Request.

3. Under Send money, Enter a phone number, email, or contact name.

4. When prompted, select Sending to a friend.

5. Enter the payment amount, add a note (optional), and Submit.

Take a screenshot/picture of the receipt and email it to our email at ( with your order number.

2-How to order and pay with Zelle

You can download the Zelle pay app or visit
Create an account and link with your bank.
select the person you want to send to
input the receivers email ()
Send the payment
Take a screenshot/picture of the receipt and email it to our email at ( with your order number.

3-How to Order/Pay with Bitcoin
Copy the Bitcoin address that will be provided to you after you place your order Paste in your address for the payment tab. Type in the right amount of bitcoins into the payment box and click ‘send’.
Once your payment is successful send us a screenshot for confirmation.

4-How to Order/Pay with Apple Pay

On your IOS device.

Use the Apple Pay email/number that will be provided to you by an operator to confirm your order with Apple Pay below.

  1. Open the Messages app, then start a new conversation with the Apple Pay number provided to you in the confirmation email or tap an existing one.
  2. Tap the Apple Pay button Apple Pay icon. If you don’t see the Apple Pay button, tap App Store icon first.
  3. Enter the amount you want to send.
  4. Tap Pay, then tap the send button Send icon to review or cancel the payment.
  5. Confirm your payment with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.